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Author: Barbara Taylor Vaughan

Be Careful What You Wish For

When I was pregnant I always prayed that my babies would be healthy, and have ten fingers and toes. I had so many miscarriages after my son was born that I never thought I would have another baby. When I was pregnant with Missy, I […]


I’m Not Scared Anymore

Last night I told Missy why I am so happy. I told her why everything is OK and why I am not scared of Alzheimer’s anymore. One of my good friends died a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t let me go see her. The nursing […]

Barbara Taylor Vaugham reflects

Old Age Comes So Quickly

Old age comes so quickly. One day you are working, having children, cleaning house and then you wake up one morning and poof – you are old, have Alzheimer’s and have to have someone do everything for you. I sometimes think, “Oh I wish I […]

My husband James Sr., me and Jimmy and Missy

What I Know Now

To do it all over again, in my life, would I change anything? Oh yes, some things…but over all…no. I would correct the stupid mistakes I made, and spend more of my time with my family…go on more vacations, spend time that I didn’t think […]

Gratitude for Little Trinkets with Little Stories

Today I made my Christmas list out.  I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I thought I would give away things of mine that mean something to me and have a little story behind them  for special friends and family. I have […]

I Can’t Remember

I can’t remember my Social Security number, my daughter’s birth date, how old my grandchildren are, what I had for supper last night, what I watched on TV this morning or what you call those round green things that are red inside and some have […]

Sometimes Prayers Get Crossed

A friend of mine also has Alzheimer’s. She can still walk and her daughter called Missy today upset that her mother had walked out of the house. Her daughter found her quickly, but she was only wearing a housecoat and no shoes. Her daughter was […]

A Shower

Editor’s note: If you are following along with Barbara and Melissa in their journey, this post is from writing done a couple of months ago with both Barbara and her daughter and caregiver Melissa recounting the impact that small things done with great love can […]

I Hate Alzheimer’s

I hate Alzheimer’s, some days are good days, some are not. I am getting worse, I know it. Nights seem to be worse. Last night I laid in bed, I thought I was in a strange bed, I was scared. I was afraid that no […]