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What I Know Now

To do it all over again, in my life, would I change anything?

Oh yes, some things…but over all…no. I would correct the stupid mistakes I made, and spend more of my time with my family…go on more vacations, spend time that I didn’t think I had with those that I miss the most now. Surprise them more.

My husband James Sr., me and Jimmy and Missy
My husband James Sr., me and my children Jimmy and Missy

To do it all over again, I would make love more, dance more, just walk around the block more…I would sing in front of people not caring what they think more, and I would yell at the top of my lungs how much I love my husband and my kids more.

I would speak out more for those I didn’t…and I would make sure that everyone I loved knew it…

But mostly I would love me more, pat myself on the back more, look in the mirror and say, you did what you could, the best you could. Good job Barbie. And I would buy myself flowers, just for the heck of it. Just for me.

To do it all over again…oh boy, oh boy…to know what I know now…

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