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There’s never been a better time for nurses to have a national media presence. With an 85% honesty and ethics rating from Gallup Poll’s annual ranking of how Americans view 21 major professions—nurses come out on top. And strong leadership is critical if the vision of a transformed health care system is to be realized.

Nurse Talk Radio is hosted by two smart, funny, sassy, political RN’s who proudly sport a collective sixty five years of service between them. With the good fortune of having great partners including Progressive Voicesm Tune In and many great supportive organizations and individuals—Nurse Talk Radio has been broadcasting for almost ten years.

For us, it’s simple. Healthcare is a right not a privilege and as such we, along with hundreds of thousands of nurses and doctors, are SINGLE PAYER Healthcare advocates, AND, over 66% of those living in the U.S. want to move to a Single Payer System.

And because nurses are on the front lines advocating for their patients every day— we support safe nurse to patient ratios, collective bargaining, workplace protections for nurses and healthcare workers, environmental health and safety protections for all.

Oh and one other thing. How does all of this serious stuff come together on the show? With great guests, progressive topics and discussions and a dose of humor!

Laugh, learn and listen…

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Casey Hobbs, RN Host & Co-Creator

Casey found her passion for nursing while in her early twenties and has been at it since then. For the past 37 years she has served her time and others in hospitals, home care and hospice and is currently the Director of Nursing for a large healthcare organization in Northern California. Casey has always maintained, “ laughter is the best medicine”. Her dream for Nurse Talk started while listening to two guys named Tom and Ray talk about cars on NPR. She is also a public speaker and spokesperson for her profession.

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Shayne Mason, RN, PMHNP, Co-Host

Shayne has over 18 years of experience working with the mentally ill in various capacities. He is an RN, an Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and maintains a clinical practice in San Francisco. Shayne currently trains NPs and PAs and consults for a large behavioral health company with facilities in 5 states. He is adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco, where he did his undergraduate work before getting his MSN and NP certification from the University of California – San Francisco.

an image of Patricia

Patricia Lockard, Executive Producer

For the past 30 years, Patricia (Pattie) has been a passionate professional in theater, music, production and project development. She is the owner/ executive producer of Harmax Productions located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Harmax has multiple projects at various stages of development, including Nurse Talk Radio and a television series.

an image of June

June Miller, Sound Design & Engineer

Our sound engineer extraordinaire has been awarded the prestigious Telly Award for the past 6 years for mixing and Audio Post. June’s most recent award, mixing the successful History Channel series, “Man, Moment, Machine.

an image of Donna

Donna Smith, Healthcare Activist

Donna Smith is the former Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America and currently a Medicare for All campaign surrogate for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.  As a journalist, Donna has written more than 500 essays about healthcare in America, many of which have been published nationally and internationally in highly respected publications, including USA Today, The Hill, and more.  Donna and her husband Larry were subjects in Michael Moore’s 2007 award-winning documentary, SiCKO.  Donna is also a correspondent for Nurse Talk Radio.

Tonia McCallum, MA, Communications Consultant

An experienced communications director and editor, Tonia is a longtime progressive activist with a background in political science and grassroots organizing. She assists Nurse Talk in crafting our outreach strategy and managing multidisciplinary teams to create web and social media content.