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A Gift of Joy

My mother kept a diary her whole life.  In the last couple of years her entries in her diary would only be a few lines, but what wonderful lines! Like “A beautiful day,” or “Missy took me to McDonald’s, had so much fun.” Her last […]

A Moving Tribute to Barbara Taylor Vaughan and her daughter, Missy.

Some of our listeners and visitors to our Nurse Talk blog might have heard us talk about the touching account of life with Alzheimer’s written by Barbara Taylor Vaughan and her daughter Missy. Both of them have contributed to our blog and shared their powerful story about Barbara’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s […]

Its OK to Go

My mom sleeps…about 22 hours a day now…she is up for maybe 20 minutes at a time….I miss her and shes still here with me…..I miss her real loud laugh, her giggles, her smile…..I miss hearing her talk, her voice calling my name….her voice now […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

When I was pregnant I always prayed that my babies would be healthy, and have ten fingers and toes. I had so many miscarriages after my son was born that I never thought I would have another baby. When I was pregnant with Missy, I […]


I’m Not Scared Anymore

Last night I told Missy why I am so happy. I told her why everything is OK and why I am not scared of Alzheimer’s anymore. One of my good friends died a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t let me go see her. The nursing […]

Barbara Taylor Vaugham reflects

Old Age Comes So Quickly

Old age comes so quickly. One day you are working, having children, cleaning house and then you wake up one morning and poof – you are old, have Alzheimer’s and have to have someone do everything for you. I sometimes think, “Oh I wish I […]

My husband James Sr., me and Jimmy and Missy

What I Know Now

To do it all over again, in my life, would I change anything? Oh yes, some things…but over all…no. I would correct the stupid mistakes I made, and spend more of my time with my family…go on more vacations, spend time that I didn’t think […]

A Christmas List

I found Mom’s Christmas list, she had the nurse write it out for her. 1. Try and make everyone happy 2. Give hugs 3. Tell those that I love how much I love them 4. Take a picture in my mind so I never forget […]

Gratitude for Little Trinkets with Little Stories

Today I made my Christmas list out.  I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I thought I would give away things of mine that mean something to me and have a little story behind them  for special friends and family. I have […]