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Sometimes Prayers Get Crossed

A friend of mine also has Alzheimer’s. She can still walk and her daughter called Missy today upset that her mother had walked out of the house. Her daughter found her quickly, but she was only wearing a housecoat and no shoes. Her daughter was crying to Missy that she felt so guilty. She had only left her alone for a couple of minutes.

I have questioned GOD as to why I cant walk any longer…why my feet don’t work and I can’t make them go where I want. I think sometimes GOD answers some prayers in ways that we don’t know about.

Maybe me not walking is to help Missy. Maybe sometimes prayers get crossed. Maybe Missy prayed for help in caring for me, maybe I prayed for Missy to get help in caring for me, and for me not to be such a burden. Yes, today, I thank GOD, I can not get up by myself and walk around…it would be another burden for Missy.

I hate Alzheimer’s, I hate it.

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