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Author: Barbara Taylor Vaughan

My Life in Little Envelopes

The last few days I have been having Missy write notes for me, I can’t write very well any longer. I can type but my writing isn’t pretty. I tell her what to write, then I sign the note and we put them in an […]

Barbara Taylor Vaughan

Visting Nurse

A visiting nurse came by to see me today, she had to do an update since Missy will be using them again. She didn’t smile much and asked me questions, she never looked at me, just at her computer. She was in a hurry, I […]

Good Bye Pink Blouse and Old Yellow Robe

Today Missy cleaned out my closet. We went through all my old clothes, things that I don’t wear any longer and never will. The nursing home has told us they needed nice clean clothes for some of their residents, so we decided to go through […]

String of Pearls

Today I met a little boy who his doctors have diagnosed with autism. My sitter called and said that her daycare could not take him today so Missy told her to bring him with her. He sat with me and we looked out the window, […]

And Then There’s the Money

Today Missy and I went to look at a new nursing facility. It is close to our home. Missy has so many medical bills and  she hasn’t worked for the last few years because she is taking care of me. We would of been OK […]

Take Me Home

I have volunteered in nursing homes for years. Over 43 years ago I put my mother in a nursing home. After she died I felt such a loss, since I had been visiting her once a day, that I started volunteering. There is one thing […]


I am getting worse in the evenings. Last night was a bad night. Missy was up most of the night with me. I seem to get very confused when I go to bed and then wake up. This has happened before but now it seems […]

Going Home

Well, buddies I am home and it has not been a good night and day. My visiting nurse is typing this for me, I am back in bed right now, getting ready to take a nap. I had an Alzheimer’s afternoon and night. I just […]