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I Can’t Remember

Mmmmmmmm. Watermelon.
Mmmmmmmm. Photo credit: Simona Balint

I can’t remember my Social Security number, my daughter’s birth date, how old my grandchildren are, what I had for supper last night, what I watched on TV this morning or what you call those round green things that are red inside and some have seeds and some don’t.  I love them cold but can’t think what they are called. I can’t remember what the grocery store closest by our home is called, what Mike’s oldest brother’s name is, what type of car Missy drives…

But I do remember, that I love cinnamon toast when Missy makes it for me at night when I have bad dreams.  I remember how Missy gives me a bath every morning and rubs on my favorite lotion. I remember that my great granddaughter is name Ava Barbara.  I remember that I love crazy socks. I remember that I love bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches, I love Coke more than Pepsi, that I can’t eat chocolate. I remember that I love to volunteer at the nursing home, I remember that I used to love to dance and sing, I remember that I have lots of friends who love me on Facebook. I remember I have Alzheimer’s and Missy has MS. I remember that Missy told me I don’t have to go to a nursing home, that I get to stay here with her and Mike. So I think what I am remembering today are the important things, that I am loved and safe. It’s OK to forget some of the other stuff.

Oh yeah…its watermelon…that’s what its called….I love watermelon. And I love all of you buddies too!

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