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Our blog has something for everyone. From healthcare to human-interest stories and from the hospital bedside to the halls of congress—we have it covered. AND did you know workplace bullying was bad for your health? Meet a courageous nurse and oral cancer survivor that understands the power of humor and grace. What are “nurse patient ratios” and why are they so important? All this and more…

Simple. Safe RN Staffing Saves Lives.

Many Americans may be surprised to know that California is the only state in the country with mandatory limits on the number of patients a nurse can be assigned at one time. The regulations were enacted in 2004, after nurses with the California Nurses Association/National […]

Casey Hobbs RN And Co-Host Of Nurse Talk Radio

From the other side of the divide. “I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer stage 2b to 3b on November 8, 2016, otherwise known as Election Day. There were two things I was certain of that day, the first was that Hillary would win the election, […]

Sad But True The Topic Of Bullying Is Popular These Days

Ever been the target of a workplace bully? Andrew Faas, the author of the new book, “From Bully To Bull’s Eye” has first hand experience as a bully and a victim of bullying. It cost him his high profile corporate job and caused serious illness. […]

Weekly Healthcare In America Report

Check out National Healthcare for all Advocate Donna Smith on Nurse Talk’s weekly “Healthcare In America” report. BIG PHARMA price gouging, Health Insurance Monopoly, Affordable Care Act–working or not?, Hospital Mega Mergers and more…

Attention Nurses!

Attention Nurses!  60% of all new nurses quit their first job within 1 year due to the disruptive behaviors of their co-workers. Have you been or are you being “bullied” at work? Dr. Renee Thompson is with us.