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State of The Nurses Union

At a time when the Republican Party is set on the destruction of organized labor in this country National Nurses United (the largest Union of Registered Nurses with over 150,000 members) is gaining members and momentum both nationally and globally. “When fighting for our patients, nurses are stronger when we come together” said Deborah Burger RN and Co-President of National Nurses United.

Think nurses don’t need unions? Think again.

Did you know that when nurses contact National Nurse United to organize their workplace its not about the pay.

Co-President Deborah Burger said, “When nurses come to us and help them organize, the first words out of their mouths is that they want a larger voice in how patient care is delivered in their hospitals. Their employers refuse to listen to their very simple demands to improve patient care.”

Where there is a larger union membership in a state, “it actually improves patient care in the rest of the community. When we got ratios, we didn’t just get them in the hospitals we represent, we got them in the entire state of California. When we got workplace safety protections and workplace violence protections, we got it for the entire state.”

RN Burger says, research has shown that there are better patient outcomes where nurses are unionized.

Sounds like a good criteria to apply to choosing where you’ll get that next surgery.

You can listen to the whole interview right here.