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The Tissue Paper Diet

Have you heard about the tissue paper diet? You haven’t, well, let me fill you in. Last May, Kirstie Clements, the editor of Vogue Australia was fired after 13 years in the top seat! Needless to say she was not happy. She decided to lift […]

Five Fool-proof Ways to Make a Workout Fly By

Do you wish that workouts didn’t seem to last forever? You have a lot of company. Believe it or not, research actually shows that people enjoy exercise more than they think they will. There are many physical and mental reasons to exercise on a regular […]

The HAPIfork…Don’t Eat Too Fast

We’ve all heard it: modern day eating habits are making us fat, stupid, and sick. Even if you have the discipline to eat only healthy food, eating too fast can cause weight gain, brain fog, illness, and fatique. Our brains don’t trigger a sense of […]

More Fitness Flops!

Today I’m going to continue to talk about exercise products that did not live up to their promise. Fitness Flop 4: Heated Sauna Belts, $40-$70 Heated sauna belts claim to reduce weight  – to “sweat” away unwanted fat. It if were only so easy. These […]

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Fitness Flops on Fit Happens!

Fitness Flops Part One Fitness was once considered a fad. While fitness is no longer considered a fad, there have been many fitness products that have been sold to consumers wishing to get into shape quickly. It can be hard to tell the difference between […]

Fit Happens Top 10 Fitness Myths

THE TOP 10 FITNESS MYTHS OK, I don’t care if you’ve been hitting the gym and working out for years, chances are you’ve fallen for a few fitness myths. While some myths may contain half truths, many of these exercise induced myths have largely been debunked […]

Hit By a Car, Hero Nurse and the Network of Care.

As part of their tribute to wasting time, Casey and Shayne tell stories about their childhood. Although not particularly newsworthy or medically related, they are none-the-less rather funny. Casey shares about the time she was hit by a car (not hurt) and ran home and […]