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Fitness Flops on Fit Happens!

Fitness Flops Part One
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Fitness was once considered a fad. While fitness is no longer considered a fad, there have been many fitness products that have been sold to consumers wishing to get into shape quickly.

It can be hard to tell the difference between fitness products that work and fitness products that flop.

Today, I’m going to talk about fitness products that did not live up to their promises.

Fitness Flop 1: Electronic Muscle Stimulators/The Electronic Ab Toner.  Cost $50-$250.00

This is a machine that sends electric currents to your abs, making them contract and release. This peroduct is supposed to cause you to burn off body fat.  Losing body fat requires a combination of cardio exercise and a reduced calorie diet. You can’t lose weight or fat by spot reducing or without moving your muscles. The only way to lose fat is to do the work yourself.

Fitness Flop 2: Ab Lounge/Ab Rocker.  Cost-$129-$179.00

The Ab Rocker and Ab Lounge are both a portable piece of exercise equipment that resemble a lounge chair. They claim to work the upper, lower abs and obliques, all while you rock back and forth in front of your television. When a product’s claims sound too good to be true they usually are. While sitting comfortably in one of these rocking chairs you probably won’t break a sweat or feel any muscle burn, therefore you won’t be working the abdominals. There are much more effective ways to work the abdominal muscles that don’t cost a dime.

Fitness Flop 3: Six Second Abs.  Cost $60-$90.00

This is a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to work the various parts of your abs without lying down. The promise behind this product is that in mere minutes of working out daily, you’ll be able to achieve substantial results in a matter of 1-2 weeks. The only positive thing about this product is the included exercise and diet program that hints that abdominal exercises alone do not reduce abdominal fat. The actual six second abs exercise product is a very low quality piece of plastic and the resistance offered by the bands of the six second abs is very insignificant.

Six Second Abs got its name from the time it takes to complete one repetition. I can think of something else you can do with this that takes six seconds!!

I’ll be talking about more fitness flops next week–but now it’s time for my
Fitness Tip of the Week:

Forget spending all your money on equipment that doesn’t work
See if you can do the following 60 second routine everyday
15 sec jumping jacks
15 sec march in place
15 sec wall push up
15 sec wall squat
Repeat at least 5 times–try to do 4 times a day!

I’m Joanie Greggains —–until next week make fit happen!

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