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More Fitness Flops!

Today I’m going to continue to talk about exercise products that did not live up to their promise.

Fitness Flop 4: Heated Sauna Belts, $40-$70

Heated sauna belts claim to reduce weight  – to “sweat” away unwanted fat. It if were only so easy. These sauna belts include a flexible belt (to fit all sizes) with a fastening system, a multi-level remote control,  instructional guide, free tape measure and diet plan.

This product is truly worthless. Even the worst of most fitness flop products involved muscle contraction. The sauna belt does not “burn fat” and does not lead to weight loss. Many consumers have complained about burning and blistering after only 50 minutes of use. Need I say more?

Fitness Flop 5: Toning Shoes, $80-$100

Training shoes are sneakers designed with an unstable sole, so leg muscles have to work harder to maintain balance during everyday activities. Various companies claims range from reducing back pain, reducing cellulite, improving posture to promoting weight loss.

Podiatrists, doctors, trainers and the American Council on Exercise all found that toning shoes failed to live up to promises made by their manufacturers. Toning shoes do not deliver the fitness and muscle toning benefits they claim. In some cases consumers said that their hips and lower back hurt after wearing them. Not only were the shoes awkward, but stability was compromised and there was the possibility of suffering an injury.

Fitness Flop 6: Shake Weights, $15-$30 a pair
Shake weights claim to use “revolutionary new technology called inertia.” Newton is turning in his grave.

The problem with this idea is that regardless whether the weight is shaking or not, it is still a static contraction which only has effects at that joint angle. You could hold the same angle without any shake weight and contract your muscles to get the same muscle work.

While shake weights may not be 100% worthless, the claims are nonsense. Their videos say you’ll look like their models by using the shake weight for just 6 minutes a day! This is the classic way to sell fitness products to the person who wants results without making an effort.

Bottom line:
Manufacturers will keep making fitness flops as long as people spend millions of dollars a year buying into their promises. When all is said and done, there’s no substitute for real exercise and a proper diet.

30 Second Fitness tip of the Week
Laugh. That’s right, laugh everyday!
Laughter is like a mini workout. Laughing reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Laughter has also been shown to increase the number of cells that produce antibodies and enhances the effectiveness of t-cells, an important component of the immune system. Plus laughing makes you feel good. To quote Nurse Talk, “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

I’m Joanie Greggains. Until next week…make fit happen!

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