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In My Day…We Used Honey for Everything

In my day, honey was the most used product in my mothers medicine cabinet besides vinegar and the rectal thermometer. If I had muscle cramps, she made me take two teaspoons of honey with my meals and told me to stop complaining. If I had a […]

Marti Smith on the California Safe Lift Bill

California Nurses Association’ s Government Relations Lead Marti Smith talks about enforcement of the California Safe Lift Bill. The bill, AB 1136, was passed into law in January of 2012 yet some California hospitals are still not in compliance.

Personal Training & Exercise

Jimmy Fucello, a personal trainer and running back, shares with us some of the benefits of exercise: it protects bone health, muscle mass, and helps prevent diseases and reduces stress.   Jimmy takes us through some simple exercises (both compound and isolation exercises), and explains the benefits of […]

Global Day of Action by Nurses, Healthcare Workers in 13 Countries

Big Actions Across World Highlight Global Day of Action by Nurses, Healthcare Workers in 13 Countries United in Call for End to Austerity, Healthcare Cuts, and a Robin Hood Tax  Major nurse and healthcare union organizations marched, rallied, and held other actions in 13 countries […]

The Most Perfect Gifts are the Ones You Think You Don’t Want

You’ve probably heard it said that happy people do not make good writers. It’s true, the kinds of things happy people have to write about sound either unbelievable, braggy, or just plain boring. I suppose this is why I haven’t written in a while. Life […]

The Wisdom of Reflection

He sat on his mother’s lap clinging to her for dear life as he screamed in fear.  The hospital bed seemed to hug them as they sat in the center of it, leaning against the head of the bed that was at a 75 degree angle. […]

Network Chiropractor: Interview With Dr. David Potter

Dr. David Potter of Network Chiropractic in Somerset, NJ uses Network Spinal Analysis in conjunction with traditional chiropractic care to treat your body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Potter is a life force doctor….using the practice of Chi.  When the relationship inside the body breaks down, the relationships […]

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Goodness, Gracious Me

Sigh. Saw myself nearly naked in a full-length mirror today. Chemo tiredness has not been kind to my body. I’m so misshapen. I never considered myself narcissistic, but I miss the strength and form of my former body. I was in this viewing predicament because […]

When Supplements Become Dangerous!

When supplements go bad…oh my!!  How many people take some kind of vitamin or supplements?  You want to feel better and stay healthy right?  For example, St. John’s Wort is supposed to help decrease anxiety, and improve your mood…But it interacts with many prescribed medications.  About ½ of […]