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Accolades for the National Nurses United, and Director RoseAnn DeMoro

Thank you Nurse Talk listeners so much for making your voices heard and voting! As many of you know, each year, Modern Healthcare conducts a poll requesting votes for the most powerful leaders in our healthcare economy. On behalf of the NNU, I’m honored to have made the list for […]

The Boys in Angio

Hello everyone, I weigh 113.5 pounds! Just received my chemo to start Cycle 10 of Consolidation II. This is the last round, and then hereafter it is Maintenance. So what’s Maintenance? Basically, it’s the core of Consolidation II, with less, much less, steroids. Hopefully this […]

Obesity in Nursing: Aren’t We Supposed to be Promoting Health?

One might suppose that folks who dedicate their lives to the health and care of the public would be a picture of health themselves. Or that nurses, having seen the effect of overeating, poor diet, and unhealthy habits such as smoking, would be turned off […]

Being Observed….vs Being Admitted

When you go to the hospital, and you are a Medicare patient, it is imperative that you know if you are an in-patient versus an observed patient. Currently, Medicare isn’t paying if you are being observed! Currently (and the rules change all the time…) Medicare […]

Theresa Brown, “When No One Is on Call”

“Narcan?” The nurse didn’t have time for that. Caring for eight patients on a busy medical-surgery floor meant that getting through the day’s tasks took up all her time. Half an hour later, though, the patient needed an emergency team to revive her. I held her […]


First snow in the valley today. Here comes the mail carrier. He’s wearing shorts. Shorts in winter. How Utah. The snowfall has made me giddy. I love living in a place with seasons, but it really only works when you have a whole year under […]

Beauty Products Cheat Sheet

We talk about beauty products…which products you don’t have to spend a lot of money on, and which products you should go the extra mile and spend a little bit more money on to get a better product, for a better look.  Save or splurge, that’s […]

Let’s Talk About Healthcare, and I Don’t Mean the ACA.

Let’s talk about healthcare. I don’t mean debating the Affordable Care Act. I mean health care, as in: If everyone needs health care, guarantee that everybody gets it. I know, when it comes to healthcare, it’s easy to get into a debate for or against […]