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Network Chiropractor: Interview With Dr. David Potter

Dr. David Potter of Network Chiropractic in Somerset, NJ uses Network Spinal Analysis in conjunction with traditional chiropractic care to treat your body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Potter is a life force doctor….using the practice of Chi.  When the relationship inside the body breaks down, the relationships outside the body breaks down.  A misalignment of the muscles and bones, can cause a compromise in nerve function, which in turn can cause pain. Network chiropractic makes adjustments consisting of light touch to align muscle and bone, which improves nerve function, and improves your well-being.

Dr. Potter shares a life-changing experience that turned his life around and got him into network chiropractics.  So join us for this interesting journey!  It could change your path, it could change your life.  Another way for you to get educated, get empowered and get healthy!

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