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The HAPIfork…Don’t Eat Too Fast
Image by David Berkowitz

We’ve all heard it: modern day eating habits are making us fat, stupid, and sick. Even if you have the discipline to eat only healthy food, eating too fast can cause weight gain, brain fog, illness, and fatique.

Our brains don’t trigger a sense of fullness until about 20 minutes into a meal. The faster you eat, the more you eat. The more you eat the more weight you gain.

Remember when your mother told you not to eat too fast? Now a high tech fork has bottled that wisdom by buzzing whenever it detects you are eating too quickly.

Presenting the HAPIfork!

Hapifork allows you to monitor and reduce the speed at which you eat your meals. Slowing down and paying attention are important steps in creating healthier eating habits.

Here’s how it works: HAPIfork records when you touch your fork to your mouth, and can tell how long the interval is between each fork serving. If you eat too fast, HAPIfork alerts you with a gentle vibration and indicator light to remind you to slow down.

Hapifork MONITORS:
The number of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal.
The specific duration of each “fork serving.”
Your overall meal duration.
The exact time you start and end your meal.

If that’s not enough the hapifork can be washed in the dishwsher, and can take normal wear and tear, like being dropped on the floor..

Want to give hapifork a try–easy–go to

The “Fit Happens” 30-Second Tip-of-the-Week
This week in honor of slowing down when eating…
Try this: place a forkful of food in your mouth. Now comes the hard part.
Put the fork down. Leave the fork on the table. Chew slowly. Tune into the flavor of the food. Practice mindful eating.

I’m Joanie Greggains…until next week, make fit happen!

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