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A Moving Tribute, Keystone XL and ObamaCare: Good, Bad or Both?

Michael LightyTry as we might to stay away from polarizing issues on our show, it seems you can’t talk about health and healthcare without touching on these controversial topics. The Keystone XL Pipeline is one of those issues. It could have a significant impact on the health of communities in the tar sands production areas along its route and refinery fence-line communities where the heavy sour crude will be processed. In addition, the emissions from tar sands will exacerbate climate change, affecting public health more broadly even than the widespread direct impacts of the tar sands industry. Director of Public Policy for California Nurses Association Michael Lighty talks with Casey and Shayne about the health and environmental concerns related to the Keystone XL Pipeline.


A Moving Tribute to Barbara Taylor Vaughan and her daughter Missy.

Some of our listeners and visitors to our Nurse Talk blog might have heard us talk about the touching account of life with Alzheimer’s written by Barbara Taylor Vaughan and her daughter Missy. Both of them have contributed to our blog and shared their powerful story about Barbara’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and her “first person” account of what it was like for her. Missy, Barbara’s beloved daughter (who herself has Multiple Sclerosis) was her loyal and loving caretaker. We received word from Missy that on June 9th, Barbara passed away. Casey and Shayne do a moving tribute to these two wonderful, courageous and inspiring women.


Hey, I bet Donna knows….

The latest weight-watching tool?

What is ObamaCare, aka the Portable Healthcare Act? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it both?

No one can bring sense to the senseless more than healthcare and human rights advocate Donna Smith. While we just scratch the surface of this 1000 page document, we at least dismiss some of the myths…well at least 2 or 3. That means only 100,008 to go. If you can’t listen to the show, you can check out the fine print. For your copy of the Portable Healthcare Act visit

And of course we’ve got Joanie Greggains and another edition of “Fit Happens,” where she will discuss the weirdest, latest weight watching technique: the HAPIfork.

Oh, don’t miss Health Trivia…and you should see this weeks email questions! A listener asks, “Should women take Viagra?”

All on Nurse Talk…where laughter is the best medicine.

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