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The Tissue Paper Diet

Have you heard about the tissue paper diet? You haven’t, well, let me fill you in.

Last May, Kirstie Clements, the editor of Vogue Australia was fired after 13 years in the top seat!

Needless to say she was not happy. She decided to lift the lid off all she witnessed in her 25 years in the industry.
She writes about supermodels eating tissue paper to fill themselves up, depriving themselves of vital nutrition and making themselves feel artificially satiated by eating tissue paper rather than actual food.

“You know how you read interviews where models insist they eat a lot? Not true.” says the former editor of Vogue Australia. “The only way they can get that thin is to stop eating. They eat tissue paper to starve off the hunger pangs, literally ball it up and eat it.”

She continues “You might be starving, drunk and high, with dried up kidneys and liver of a 55-year old alcoholic, but just as long as you can make it down the run way looking fabulous, who cares?”
It is no secret that the fashion industry is highly competitive and cutthroat. Only the tallest, skinniest, and most attractive women stand any chance of success in the industry, which is why many of them are willing to go to extreme lengths to become and remain skinny. Starving oneself of the nutrients needed for proper muscle growth, cellular regeneration and brain maintenance is not only unwise, but flat out dangerous.

Interesting that at one time models looked like real people. Supposedly, the age of the skinny model started with twiggy (who was naturally thin). Why is it that models are getting skinnier, and the population fatter? Perhaps because no one in the real world can live like that?

The Fit Happens 30-second Tip of the Week
This week I want you to focus on taking care of your health, to respect your body by eating healthy nutritious food, geting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and 7 hours of sleep a night.

I’m Joanie Greggains…until next week, make fit happen!

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