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On The Show 3.29.08

COMING UP on NurseTalk this week our friend MARILYN KENTZ. Some of you (we sure do) might remember Marilyn from her hit 90’s TV show The Mommies. She and her next door neighbor, Caryl, put together a little comedy stage show advertising it as “A show for women who don’t want sex more than once a month”–and women flocked to it. After a year of sold-out comedy clubs, the two friends found themselves moving from Marin County to Hollywood to star in their own NBC sitcom.We will visit with Marilyn and find out what she is up to now.GET ON YOUR FEET–GET UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!NurseTalk has joined forces with the American Heart Association to talk about their Start! movement. Nia Lendaris will be with us to talk about the Start! campaign and efforts to promote health, nutrition and exercise to help fight against heart disease and stroke.You won’t want to miss Nia’s information.Join us for all the fun and dialog this Saturday at 2PM-PDT on Green 960 AM. You can also listen live by going to and clicking the “listen live” button.OUR CALL-IN NUMBERS ARE 1-866-960-5753 IN AREA OR 415-882-9670 OUT OF AREA.Visit our website at or go to www.green960.comUntil then remember, “laughter is the best medicine.”

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