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On The Show 3.22.08

WE HAVE A SPICY, OUTSPOKEN RN JOINING US (NOT CASEY) THIS WEEK. Her name is Adrienne Zurub and she has written what is being described as a “provocative” book about the nursing profession. The book is called Notes From The Mothership. They say nursing has no voice, (we’re not sure who says that) well, Adrienne has one and she’ll share it with us Saturday!The Toll Of WarA San Francisco VA doctor working in the liver clinic and treating patients with hepatitis C began to notice (when she first started working there) that most of the patients in the waiting room were from the Vietnam era, in their 60’s and older.Over a matter of months the faces began to get younger—the waiting room was starting to fill with young men in their late teens and 20’s. They were emotionally and physically scarred by a new war in Iraq.With no programs at the VA that offered the type of integrated care they needed the doctor came up with the idea of a specialized clinic—thus OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM/OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM INTEGRATED CARE CLINIC was born. Join us as we talk to a founding member of the clinic.Join us for all the fun and dialog this Saturday at 2PM-PDT on Green 960 AM. You can also listen live by going to and clicking the “listen live” button.OUR CALL-IN NUMBERS ARE 1-866-960-5753 IN AREA OR 415-882-9670 OUT OF AREA.Don’t Forget What’s Coming UpComing up, actress, comedian, author, lecturer Marilyn Kentz, plus, our friend Nia Lendaris, RN, MSN, CNS. Nia will talk about START WALKING the American Heart Association’s great campaign to get us on our feet and out the door. And last but not least our BABY WHISPERER, Marsha Podd will be back with us in April.Visit our website at or go to www.green960.comUntil then remember, “laughter is the best medicine.”

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