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Stop Everything! Lynn Ruth Miller. Nurse Talk App. The Safe Lift Bill.

Stop everything! (…not really or the nurses will have to get the Defibrillator paddles out. The charge nurse has a few announcements…) The big day is coming! (Well, at least for us.) On Saturday, October 27, at 12 noon/pst, Nurse Talk will be presented via […]

Best Of: Babies. Victory. Asthma or Acid Reflux? Obamacare.

The Royal Baby and Dixon Has Two Moms…
baby prince

Well, Casey and Shayne are no different than the millions of others who were, well, mildly interested in the birth of the Royal Baby. It’s old news now, but Shayne couldn’t help but wonder how it feels to be born and immediately have money, a job, a title and lots of attention. But all is not lost for Shayne and his family! Here’s a hint from the our show coming up:

“Casey, it must be nice to be born and already have money and a job. No resume, no experience—just a bloodline. On another note our family had some good news at the same time—but of course it wasn’t front-page news.”

Casey: “Oh, what’s that Shayne”?

Shayne: “Casey, on the very same day the Royal Baby was born, my niece in Oklahoma, Karla Sue Mason, had a bouncing baby girl, weighing 10 pounds and 8 ounces.”

Casey: “Does she have a job yet? Maybe she could follow in your footsteps and be a nurse? What did they name her?”

Shayne: “Dixon”

Casey: “Oh that’s a—well, an interesting name. Dixon Mason? Lovely—she could almost join the ranks of Blanket Jackson, North West, and Moon Unit Zappa. Well we wish both babies and their moms and dads well.”

Shayne: “Dixon has two moms. I just wanted to say that. Modern family, Casey, modern family!”

Victory for Nurses in Northern California!
…AND a victory for nurses across the country!

Last week, a federal administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board handed nurses a victory, finding Sutter Bay East Hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area engaged in illegal “unfair labor practices” when it unilaterally cut paid sick leave and eliminated all paid healthcare coverage for RNs who work less than 30 hours per week, affecting hundreds of nurses and their families. Read More.

Best of Nurse Talk: Doctors Prefer Camels. Global Nurse Movement. Psychiatrist and the Proctologist. ACA Myth-ectomy.

We are hard at work retooling our show, our website, and our figures, during our quicky summer vacay. So we are rewinding to a great show we aired last month…worth a double listen!

Image courtesy of Martin Criminale

Doctors Prefer Camels

In 1947, R.J. Reynolds commissioned a survey among more than 100,000 doctors, asking the key question, “What cigarette do YOU smoke, Doctor?” However, BEFORE the survey was sent out, all of those doctors received free samples of Camel cigarettes. Naturally, when the survey was taken, most of those doctors gave the answer Reynolds was expecting. In their radio and magazine advertising, their slogan was, “According to a nationwide survey, more doctors smoked CAMELS, than any other cigarette.”

The Psychiatrist and the Proctologist

Best friends graduated from medical school at the same time and decided that in spite of two different specialties, they would open a practice together to share office space… Find out what happens!