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It is a Happy Morning

Photo credit: Andreas Krappweis
Photo credit: Andreas Krappweis

This morning I woke up to my mother singing. She was like a child, still in her crib, waiting for their parents to get them up in the morning, she was entertaining herself by singing and talking to herself. I came in the room and she looked at me and smiled and lifted her arms up to me to get her out of bed, to start her day. She said, “Hello sunshine, I love you, I am so happy.”

It didn’t matter how terrible I felt, after being up all night with terrible MS spasms and pain…now seeing her so happy, especially to see me. And then she said, “Oh I love Mondays, today is Monday. Mikey is home all day long.  Oh boy, oh boy.”

I can not explain in words the love I have for my mother, the joy she brings to my life everyday…all the bad days of her Alzheimer’s…all my pain in caring for her on days I can’t care for myself…wiped all away by just a “Hello Sunshine.” It’s going to be a good week. Thank you GOD.  Thank you for our miracle.

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