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Author: Melissa Vaughan

A Gift of Joy

My mother kept a diary her whole life.  In the last couple of years her entries in her diary would only be a few lines, but what wonderful lines! Like “A beautiful day,” or “Missy took me to McDonald’s, had so much fun.” Her last […]

Its OK to Go

My mom sleeps…about 22 hours a day now…she is up for maybe 20 minutes at a time….I miss her and shes still here with me…..I miss her real loud laugh, her giggles, her smile…..I miss hearing her talk, her voice calling my name….her voice now […]

A Christmas List

I found Mom’s Christmas list, she had the nurse write it out for her. 1. Try and make everyone happy 2. Give hugs 3. Tell those that I love how much I love them 4. Take a picture in my mind so I never forget […]

Not Just a Cruise Contest

I came home from work one day and mom said, “We are going on a cruise. I entered us in a contest to go on a caregiver cruise.” I laughed, and said, “Great,” and went into the other room. Later she told me that I […]

The Hardest Thing

I told someone today that the hardest thing so far in caring for my mom and her Alzheimer’s was not being tired, not cleaning dirty diapers, not lack of sleep—it was the days when she doesn’t know me. I know she has Alzheimer’s. I saw […]

Don’t Leave Me

This morning when I got mom up from bed she looked at me and said, “Oh, Sunshine, I sure have missed you. I am so happy to see you.” She giggled and while I was dressing her she said, “Yesterday the girl that was here […]

One Day at a Time

My mothers Alzheimer’s is getting worse. She has very, very good days, then a day or two of awful, awful days. She seems to be losing her ability to remember how to walk, how to hold things, how to perform tasks that have been simple […]

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It is a Happy Morning

This morning I woke up to my mother singing. She was like a child, still in her crib, waiting for their parents to get them up in the morning, she was entertaining herself by singing and talking to herself. I came in the room and […]

I Hate Alzheimer’s | Alzheimer’s in the First Person | Melissa Vaughan

Editor’s note: [Posts by Melissa and Barbara are not always published in real time. Many of their posts offer timeless wisdom. But sometimes, they are time critical—you want to know they are o.k.! You can get the latest by visiting Barbara’s Facebook page] Thursday, July […]