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Releasing Some Pain

Her tiny, delicate face haunts me
Perfect round structure
Purple bruises line her cheeks
Closed eyes, left one black

Releasing Some Pain
Photo credit: Hans Thoursie

Wild dark brown hair
Fine and Full
Flat in the back
Long, wispy and straight out

Red lips in a perfect pout
Closed mouth
What truth is trapped inside?
No more breath

Creamy white skin
Limbs that lay limp
Ten fingers and toes
Soft and cold to touch

Metal and Plastic equipment
Mucous and blood
Sea green sheet
Everything lifeless next to her

Photographs and swabbings
Police and investigators
No family

Nurses, EMT’s and techs
Anger, frustration and sadness
Tears that won’t fall
Tightened throats

Hold her tight Lord
Kiss her tiny, delicate face
Heal her bruises
Give her life

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