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Barbara Taylor Vaughan
Barbara Taylor Vaughan

A visiting nurse came by to see me today, she had to do an update since Missy will be using them again. She didn’t smile much and asked me questions, she never looked at me, just at her computer. She was in a hurry, I guess it’s Friday and she wants to go home. She listened to my heart, took my blood pressure, asked about meds…she never really looked me in the eye, just asked questions.

Missy came home and told her everything was the same, no changes…the lady asked me how I felt, if I ever got depressed…I didnt answer her. She asked again louder as if I didn’t hear. I looked at her and she at me, I told her, “I am too old to be depressed. I have Alzheimer’s.” I asked her, “Do you get depressed? How do you feel today?”

She looked at me, and for the first time smiled…and said, “Yes, I get depressed, and today I don’t feel well.  I am sorry.” I told her, don’t be sorry, but, please, the next time you go to see an old person, look them in the eye, talk to them, not at them, and if you don’t feel well, tell them. I hope you feel better. Have a nice weekend, get some rest and come back and visit with me when you feel better Sweetie.

I am old, I don’t get depressed, I have Alzheimer’s. If you have a job, be proud of it, do your best…have a good weekend, get some rest…

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