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The Nation’s Worst Governors and Wake Up! About Sleep Apnea | Show 408

Let’s play Wheel Of Misfortune! Find out if you live in one of ten states with the worst governor. It’s easy…just spin the wheel and a governor will pop up—complete with the list of why he/she is in the running! Listen this week as our friend Donna Smith helps us inaugurate the game! Who did the wheel land on this week?

And Dan and Casey have a conversation with Donna about all things Capitol Hill and beyond. How about cuts to social security, vouchers for medicare, patient safety and more. Donna Smith as most of you know, is a legislative advocate for National Nurses United.

Then…wake up it’s time for a conversation about sleep apnea. Wow were we surprised to hear about how many people are diagnosed with it, how many go undiagnosed…and the serious health risks that are associated with it…particularity if left untreated. Our nurse on duty Casey Hobbs has a special interest in this conversation…as she was recently diagnosed and is now plugged in to her brand new 2011 2-door CPAP machine. Casey was so impressed with her Kaiser Respiratory Therapist, Grace Bartee, that she invited her to come on the show and talk about sleep apnea and all that goes with it.

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Remember “laughter is the best medicine.”

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