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California Single Payer Health Care Bill Needs Your Help

From our friends over at the California Nurses Association:

Despite the failure of federal efforts to reform healthcare by expanding Medicare, California can still lead the way to genuine healthcare reform. Senate Bill 810 (Leno), the California Universal Health Care Act, is being considered in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

Two key members of the committee still haven’t committed to support SB 810. Can you let them know we need them to stand up for single-payer now?


Contact Senator Ed Hernandez (West Covina), Chair of Senate Health Committee
Phone: 916-651-4024

Contact Senator Michael Rubio (Bakersfield)
Phone: 916-651-4016

When contacting these elected officials please remember to state:

  • Your name and that you are a nurse and a member of the California Nurses Association.
  • You support SB 810 which will establish healthcare for all Californians, and provide health security for California families.
  • SB 810 will create thousands of good paying jobs in California and generate critical revenues for California businesses.

The California Nurses Association is a principal sponsor of SB 810, which guarantees comprehensive health insurance coverage to every California resident, preserves a patient’s right to choose their own doctor and hospital, and saves consumers, employers, taxpayers, and state and local governments millions of dollars in health insurance costs. This is the kind of single-payer, guaranteed healthcare our patients, our communities, and our nation need and deserve.

SB 810 establishes a universal public insurance plan that builds upon California’s existing private healthcare delivery system. SB 810 provides comprehensive medical, dental, vision, hospitalization and prescription drug coverage to every California resident. This broad coverage is made possible through a streamlined claims and reimbursement system, which has been repeatedly proven to save billions of dollars in administrative costs and other wasteful spending. SB 810 also allows California to use its purchasing power to negotiate bulk rates for prescription drugs and durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs.

Please take the time to have your voice heard by these senators.

Thank you for your time and effort.

California Nurses Association
2000 Franklin Street
Oakland CA 94612

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