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Accolades for the National Nurses United, and Director RoseAnn DeMoro

Thank you Nurse Talk listeners so much for making your voices heard and voting! As many of you know, each year, Modern Healthcare conducts a poll requesting votes for the most powerful leaders in our healthcare economy. On behalf of the NNU, I’m honored to have made the list for […]

Coming this Fall on Nurse Talk…Your Invitation to Talk Back

O.K everyone—so far our talking has been a one way street. You listen (hopefully) and we talk. We’re sure that gets really tiring but wait— NOW we can listen and you can do the talking. STARTING IN October…join us at in the Nurse Talk […]

Best of the Best of the Best of the…AND Coming ASAP: EMDR, TM and LOLZ

The best of the best of the best of the…well you get the point. This week enjoy this great repeat performance.

RN Alison Whitaker on Vital Signs, RN Jean Ross on Robin Hood and Dr. Jamie Koufman on Dropping Acid

Alison Whitaker

Casey and Shayne check in with RN and playwright RN Alison Whitaker. Some of you may remember Alison was on the show last year introducing her one-woman play called, Vital Signs. It’s a great show at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. If you missed Alison Whitaker’s Vital Signs in June…it’s been extended! Don’t miss it again get your tickets at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco.

There’s much more packed inside this show. Read on…

NNU Asks How the Economic Crisis Is Affecting You

Last spring, NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro asked RNs across the nation to share stories about how the economic crisis was affecting their patients and their families. Since then, we have seen the healthcare crisis continue to deepen for millions of American patients and families, […]

As Court Showdown Nears, Our Healthcare System Still a Mess

With the approaching Supreme Court showdown on the President Obama’s 2010 health care law (the Affordable Care Act, modeled, of course, on Mitt Romney’s law in Massachusetts), the U.S. healthcare system remains a dysfunctional mess, as nurses bear witness to every day. In late March, […]

FTT: RX for a Sick Economy

Republished from National Nurses United’s Blog By Rose Ann DeMoro November 10, 2011 Amidst the scourge of inequality sweeping the world, marked by continued profits, pay-outs and record levels of cash hoarding — the spoils of the 1% — one group has come forward with a […]

Coming Up on Nurse Talk | August 27-28, 2011 | Show 420

Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director National Nurses United
“I always knew women would lead a revolution in this country.”

In studio with RN Marsha Podd, aka the Baby Whisperer

Former Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell wins the Nurse Talk Square Needle Award

Dan’s in Hawaii and Pattie sees an opportunity!

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