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Best of the Best of the Best of the…AND Coming ASAP: EMDR, TM and LOLZ

Click on the audio player above for a little sneak peek of this week’s show…the best of the best of the best of thewell you get the point. This week enjoy this great repeat performance.

RN Alison Whitaker on Vital Signs, RN Jean Ross on Robin Hood and Dr. Jamie Koufman on Dropping Acid

Alison Whitaker
Alison Whitaker in Vital Signs

Casey and Shayne check in with RN and playwright RN Alison Whitaker. Some of you may remember Alison was on the show last year introducing her one-woman play called, Vital Signs. It’s a great show at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. If you missed Alison Whitaker’s Vital Signs in June…it’s been extended! Don’t miss it again get your tickets at the Marsh Theater.

And we talk with one of our favorite guests RN and Co-President of National Nurses United, Jean Ross. Jean will tell us about the Nurses Assembly in Chicago where over 1200 nurses talked about everything from healthcare to Medicare and promoted a Wall Street Transaction Tax, aka the Robin Hood Tax.

Check out this Bill Moyers (PBS) interview with National Nurses United Executive Director Rose Ann Demoro as she talks about the “Robin Hood” tax. Peeps—no matter what your political persuasion—it makes sense!

And then…for you 60’s hippies…let’s talk about Dropping Acid! That’s right…but of course, not the kind you think. Dr. Jamie Koufman will be with us to talk about acid reflux and what you can do to control or cure it by simply changing your diet. Dr. Koufman has written a book called Dropping Acid, The Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure. According to the book, acid reflux affects 30-50% of the population. You won’t want to miss this.

Dr. Francine Shapiro
Dr. Francine Shapiro

And coming up in the next few weeks. Another visit with Dr. Francine Shapiro. Dr. Shapiro is the founder of EMDR Therapy. EMDR therapy is the groundbreaking treatment EMDR is now being used successfully on Veterans with PTSD.

And for all you 70’s hippies like me—ever try TM or Transcendental Meditation? Remember—back in the day—the Beatles and everybody else who was anybody else was doing TM. I tried but just didn’t get it. Well, I tried again and this time—I got it and it is now a daily practice. We’ll have TM instructor Marjie Biller with us to talk about the amazing health benefits available to anyone.

And what is your Core Wisdom and how do you find it? Does everyone have access to this wisdom? Hey, this might sound a little removed from the traditional remedies we are all accustomed to—but—ride along with us as we explore alternative ways to enhance your health and well being.

Health trivia question this week? What is the biggest organ of your body? First one to respond and bing…It’s a coffee card from Starbucks. Email us at or call 1-800-977-1863 and you could be winner.

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