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Are nonprofit hospitals scamming patients and communities?

Many private nonprofit California hospitals, especially those that are part of big corporate chains like Sutter and Kaiser Permanente appear to be exploiting their tax-exempt status by accumulating huge profits, and handing top execs massive pay packages while providing scant charity care in return. That’s […]

Nurses Strike Sutter, Protest Closures, Reductions in Face of $4 Billon Profit

Bay Area Sutter RNs Begin One-Day Strike Hospital Giant Seeks Massive Cuts Despite $4 Billion in Profits Nurses to Also Protest Sutter Plans to Close Hospitals, Cut Care Registered nurses are on strike today at eight hospitals that are part of the wealthy Sutter corporate […]

My CNA Experience | The Tales of a Stroke Patient | Joyce Hoffman

After the gift basket lady from Rehab X left me with stroke-related and other assorted take-aways, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), which had her name and her title right on her tag, helped me into bed because I couldn’t help myself. She left right away […]

The Next Fifteen Minutes by Kim Kircher

Must Have Mobile App. Nov. 3 Day of Action. Presidential Candidate Pop Quiz. 15 Minutes. Fall Flu Fashion Show.

I think we made a mistake. You know how sometimes when you gain a few extra pounds you feel like you have to let the seams out of your clothes? Well, this week on Nurse Talk we had so many topics we wanted to share we got a little carried away and packed the show to the point of bursting our time clock!

We visited with two of our friends from CNA/NNU (California Nurses Association, National Nurses United) RN/Communications Specialist Liz Jacobs, and Colette Washington, On-Line Communication Specialist. Colette shared about a new mobile app that NNU has created that makes it possible to be involved in shaping national and international policy and politics without leaving the comfort of your own home. Check it out by texting the word “payback” to 53000 from your mobile phone.

AND Casey and Dan talk with author and EMT Kim Kircher. Kim has written a book called The Next 15 Minutes: Strength From the Top of the Mountain. When she wasn’t rescuing wounded skiers as a member of the ski patrol or bombing snow-congested mountainsides to control avalanches, she and her husband, John, were proving to the world that a full life was possible in spite of each living with an autoimmune disorder. Kim shares her inspiring story with us.

Nurses Strike. The Comfort Garden. A Drunk Swedish Moose. A Fake Bomb Threat | Show 423

There was big news last week with the nurses strike in Northern California. Over 23,000 nurses took part in the one day strike against Sutter and Kaiser hospitals.

Tragically as we spoke with RN and co-president of National Nurses United Deborah Burger, a patient at Sutter’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center died due to a medical error while under the care of a replacement nurse.

And in studio Casey and Dan welcome RN Laurie Barkin. Laurie is a psychiatric nurse consultant at San Francisco General and has written a fascinatingly vivid account about her twenty years as an elite psychiatric trauma nurse treating San Francisco’s most complicated cases and how treating the trauma of others affects caregivers.

For more about the drunk Swedish moose and fake bomb threat, you have to tune in to the show…

The Importance of Nurse Activism | Support for California Nurses Strike

Caring for those in need includes standing up for patients against corporate greed and disinterest in the human costs of cuts in staffing and services. There are 23,000 nurses on the street for theCalifornia Kaiser and Sutter Health strike doing just that. We’re with them. We’re rewinding […]

SB 810 Passes Senate Health Committee

Facing possible extinction for the first time in four years, the single payer bill SB 810 pulled through, passing the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday on a 5-3 vote, state Sen. Mark Leno’s office reported. Up until a couple of days ago, committee chair Sen. […]

Don’t Let Congress and the White House Cut Social Security and Medicare!

Tell Congress: Don’t Cut OUR Social Security and Medicare!Call your U.S. Senator today!Our friends at National Nurses United, the California Nurses Association and the Massachusetts Nurses Association ask us all to please remember to call Congress and the White House on Tuesday, November 30 to […]