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Must Have Mobile App. Nov. 3 Day of Action. Presidential Candidate Pop Quiz. 15 Minutes. Fall Flu Fashion Show.

I think we made a mistake. You know how sometimes when you gain a few extra pounds you feel like you have to let the seams out of your clothes? Well, this week on Nurse Talk we had so many topics we wanted to share we got a little carried away and packed the show to the point of bursting our time clock!

Mobile App

We visited with two of our friends from CNA/NNU (California Nurses Association, National Nurses United) RN/Communications Specialist Liz Jacobs, and Colette Washington, On-Line Communication Specialist. Colette shared about a new mobile app that NNU has created that makes it possible to be involved in shaping national and international policy and politics without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The app provides information about the day’s most vital issues such as the Main Street Contract and Occupy Wall Street. Plus tells you how to help support nurses fighting to keep their patients safe. Make your voice heard to help pass a Wall Street transaction tax to support healthcare and more. You can get points for being an activist! Not like weight watchers but what you do makes a difference. Check it out by texting the word “payback” to 53000 from your mobile phone. You will receive instructions and a link to download.

Presidential Pop Quiz

Suffice it to say we have some—well, interesting candidates running for president! Tune-in to see which one gets our vote!

15 Minutes

The Next Fifteen Minutes by Kim KircherAND Casey and Dan talk with author and EMT Kim Kircher. Kim has written a book called The Next 15 Minutes: Strength From the Top of the Mountain. When she wasn’t rescuing wounded skiers as a member of the ski patrol or bombing snow-congested mountainsides to control avalanches, she and her husband, John, were proving to the world that a full life was possible in spite of each living with an autoimmune disorder.

Their days were full of early morning runs on perfect powder and slicing through the stellar crystals to the envy of holiday skiers. When John’s congenital liver condition – primary schlerosing cholangitis – approached the terminal phase, Kim was determined to use all of her mountain-borne skills to save him and return them to the adventurous life they both loved. Kim shares her story with us. You can learn more about Kim at

Fall Flu Fashion Show

AND LAST…strut your stuff because its time for Nurse Talk’s second annual Fall Flu Fashion Show. That’s right wait until you see the new strains for this year…and, some of the old ones are back for an encore—such as H1N1! Oh, she will sweep you off your feet this year and she’ll be a show stopper all over the world! Listen for more of the madness.


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Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

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