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Don’t Let Congress and the White House Cut Social Security and Medicare!

Tell Congress: Don’t Cut OUR Social Security and Medicare!Call your U.S. Senator today!Our friends at National Nurses United, the California Nurses Association and the Massachusetts Nurses Association ask us all to please remember to call Congress and the White House on Tuesday, November 30 to protect Social Security and Medicare.The co-chairs of a presidential commission are promoting a plan to cut the deficit at the expense of working people, seniors, widows, orphans, and people with disabilities. Don’t let them.Before the full commission even gets a chance to vote on the deal on Dec. 1, please join us in calling Congress and the White House.This plan would raise the retirement age, reduce benefits for middle-class workers, and cut COLAs after retirement – dramatically reducing benefits for the oldest retirees. It would also reduce Medicare to a voucher program. Don’t be mislead, these programs are currently on sound financial footing and are never allowed to contribute to the deficit.RNs can’t wait longer to retire when they are already overworked and are lifting an average of 1.8 tons a day. We can’t take any benefit cuts when employers continually try to reduce hard-earned pension benefits.”The proposal from the two chairmen of the ‘catfood commission’ makes no sense on its own terms,” says NNU Co-president Deborah Burger, RN. “Congresswoman Schakowsky’s proposal strengthens Social Security, taxes the wealthy, and invests in jobs.” Please make your voice heard now.What you can do:Join in Nov. 30, National Call-in Day to Congress. We want to flood Capitol Hill with thousands of calls, so please join, and call your senators and representative in Congress, 866-529-7630.Call the White House, 202-456-1414.Write a letter to your local newspaper. Follow this link to an online tool, which enables you in just a few clicks to locate and email your local newspapers. There are 10 sample letters that you are able to choose from, all of which can be customized.Tell them:* Protect Social Security. No cuts in benefits for RNs and other working people.* Strengthen Social Security. Raise the income ceiling on payroll taxes for a more equitable system.* No extension of the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans.Download Call-in Day flyerDownload FAQ Flyer

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