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Speaking Truth to Power Works and These Singing Nurses are Funny | Show 319

Hey if you weren’t around for the Laryngospasms and our enlightening conversation with cancer survivor and now health care activist Cynthia Campbell…tune in for this show. Laugh, learn and listen as we treat you to a “Best of Nurse Talk.” Check it out!

Gary, Keith, Rich and Doug a.k.a. The Laryngospasms, a group of practicing Certified Registered Anesthetists who create and perform medical parodies. These guys are so much fun and their music is a kick. Oh, and they’re really smart too. Join us for a conversation and some music as we chat with them. You can check them out at

And Casey and Dan talk with RN Cynthia Campbell and her husband Alan. Four years ago Cynthia got the devastating news that she had stage four cancer. If that wasn’t enough, when it came time for her insurance company, Blue Shield to pay for her life saving treatment–they canceled her policy. Cynthia and Alan were caught up in a nightmare that is all too common.

Cynthia is now healthy and she and Alan recently took part in a demonstration outside Blue Shield headquarters in San Francisco. They were joined by several hundred others including nurses from the California Nurses Association. Our friend RN DeAnn McEwen was with the Campbells as they successfully delayed a proposed a 59% proposed rate hike. Since this show aired, Blue Shield backed off the proposal.And…the Square Needle Award goes to Ginny on the block! “Who?” you say? Tune in and find out.

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