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On The Show 3.08.08

Here Comes the Baby Whisperer

MOTHERS DROP EVERYTHING—well, not everything—because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to listen and ask questions. JOINING US THIS WEEK is Marsha Podd, R.N., an OB/GYN nurse, and Certified Lactation Expert with a degree in Child Development. Marsha has over 20 years experience working with parents and young children.She leads mothers’ groups and teaches parenting classes at the Center for Creative Parenting in Larkspur and Novato, California. She has also authored many articles for Parenting Passages and other publications and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Variety magazine. Recently, she lectured health professionals in Bucharest and Sibu, Romania and volunteered at hospitals for abandoned children there.Marsha will join us in studio so you can call in—or for those of you who are shy, email—your questions for Marsha. That call-in number is 1-866-960-5753 or email

But wait, there’s much more…

ALSO ON THE PROGRAM is our usual line up of Casey and Maggie with the news of the week, the “SQUARE NEEDLE SALUTE” and the “PHOBIA OF THE WEEK” contest.Tune in this Saturday at 2PM-PST to Green 960 AM or listen online at and click the”listen live” button.Remember the CALL-IN NUMBERS ARE 1-866-960-5753 in area OR 1-415-882-9670 out of area. EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS to SATURDAY and until then, remember, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

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