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On The Show 3.15.08 Shame on Sutter

Shame on Sutter

Our guest this week is Jan Rodolfo representing our friends at the California Nurses Association. Jan, who is an Oncology Nurse, sits on the CNA Board. She is going to talk about the importance of the unprecedented 10-day strike against Sutter Health here in the Bay Area. She will also update us on the status of Kim Kutcher, the 46-year-old nurse who was denied back surgery by her insurer, Blue Cross.JOIN CASEY AND MAGGIE AS THEY PAY TRIBUTE TO THEIR IRISH FRIENDS AND THOSE THAT SIMPLY LIKE TO CELEBRATE ST. PATRICK’S DAY. You won’t want to miss the top of the hour or any of the show for that matter.AND as a surprise to Maggie, one of her childhood friends will be calling in from Ireland—this—you won’t want to miss.Join us for all the fun and dialog this Saturday at 2PM-PDT on Green 960 AM. You can also listen live bygoing to and clicking the “listen live” button.CALL IN AND JUST SAY HELLO OR CALL WITH A QUESTION ABOUT YOUR HEALTH—your neighbor’s health —or your favorite politician’s health.OUR CALL-IN NUMBERS ARE 1-866-960-5753 IN AREA OR 415-882-9670 OUT OF AREA.Visit our website at or go to then remember, “laughter is the best medicine.”

Coming in March and April

Adrian Zurub, is a nurse who also happens to be the author of Notes from the Mothership. Adrian is funny and has a great story to tell.AND, remember the 90’s TV show, The Mommies? Well, we do and Marilyn Kentz, the feisty, outspoken brunette of the dynamic “mommies” duo will be with us to talk about the importance of laughter in our lives. Her experience as a three-time published author, life coach, parent educator and facilitator for several women’s support groups lends plenty of wisdom and substance to her penchant for humor.

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