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Karen Higgins and the Kinsey Sicks | Show 216

Is it a bird…a plane…a helicopter..? NO…its Winnie from the Kinsey Sicks, America’s Favorite Beauty Shop Dragapella group. Casey talks to Winnie (peppy and hilarious) during the second half of our show.

kinsey sicks
Kinsey Sicks

Coming up this week in our RN segment we’ll visit with Karen Higgins, RN, President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Karen has worked at Boston Medical Center for the past 35 years and has seen and experienced radical changes in the healthcare industry. She shares with us her point of view about healthcare reform and the current Massachusetts system that is being touted as a model for a national system. Karen is also one of the co-presidents of the new 150,000-member National Nurses United, the largest RN union and professional association in U.S. history.Join us for our usual shenanigans, the Square Needle Award and the Phobia of the Week. AND REMEMBER…”laughter is the best medicine.”


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