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Cokie Giles Segment | Show 214

Guest: Cokie Giles

Casey Hobbs RN Co-Host of Nurse Talk has a casual and informative visit with Cokie Giles. Cokie talks about the importance of organizing and the progress that has been made in her great state of Maine particularly since joining with CNA/NNOC. Cokie graduated with a BSN from University of Maine in 1978. She has worked as a staff nurse for 31 years, the last 13 years in the endoscopy department at Eastern Maine Medical Center. She has her national certification in gastroenterology nursing. Cokie has been a member of the Maine State Nursing Association for 20 years, and has been a steward for the last seven years. She acted as treasurer of Unit 1 for four years and was elected president of MSNA in 2009 and sits on the Board of Directors of the CNA.

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