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Good Bye Pink Blouse and Old Yellow Robe

Donating clothes, donates love.
Photo credit: 2Rainbows

Today Missy cleaned out my closet. We went through all my old clothes, things that I don’t wear any longer and never will. The nursing home has told us they needed nice clean clothes for some of their residents, so we decided to go through my things. Missy washed them up and we will take them tomorrow.

They say Alzheimer’s takes away your memory…it seems like in my stage of it that GOD is giving me a break by letting me remember past things to pass on to Missy, my memories, before they are erased from my mind for good.  Going through the clothes brought back so many memories…the pink blouse that I wore to my husband’s funeral, bright bright pink…he told me he wanted me to wear something that he could see from the sky…so I did. My yellow fuzzy robe, so comfy, so soft…I think someone will love the feel of it…so many nights I wore it sitting next to my husband when he was dying. The red dress with the little black dots, I wore it to my best friends funeral because it was her favorite.

Lots of blouses, skirts, pants…robes, pajamas,

I think of other people wearing these clothes and think…maybe some of my happiness will wear off on them…even the clothes I wore when I was sad still bring back some happy memory of someone else.

So off the clothes will go…how funny that clothes can bring back so many memories.

As Missy was asking me “give away” or “keep,”  I would ask to feel the item, touch it, put it to my face and remember…and then I would say give it away. Maybe tomorrow we will start on my dresser drawers, it has pictures and things in it…who knows what memories that will bring.  I have to go through these things now.  I told Missy today I feel like I hear the timer clicking, and when it goes “ding,” I wont remember anymore…so we must get to work. Goodbye pink blouse and old yellow robe, goodbye.

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