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Going Home

Well, buddies I am home and it has not been a good night and day. My visiting nurse is typing this for me, I am back in bed right now, getting ready to take a nap. I had an Alzheimer’s afternoon and night. I just wasn’t myself. Today I passed out again, just for a few minutes, but enough to make Missy cry. I came to and wondered what had happened, but I did remember Missy telling me she loved me when I was coming back.

Buddies, I think that us old folks ready ourselves for death. I think we tell ourselves that we don’t want to hurt our family. We don’t want to live with no memories and we don’t want to be a burden. I told Missy I think if she would give me her permission, and after I see my new great grandchild, that I might be ready to start that journey home. I have decided I don’t think I am brave enough to handle Alzheimer’s the way I wanted to, and I don’t want Missy to have any pain. Sometimes when you love so much you know when its time to just go home…to your final home…

And as happy as I am here with her and Mike, I don’t want Alzheimer’s to take me. I want to tell my mind when I want to give up and go home. All Alzheimer’s patients say they want to go home, this time I mean my final home in the sky.

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