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Author: Lynn Ruth Miller

In My Day…We Got Lemon Drops | In My Day | Lynn Ruth Miller

In 1936, when I was three years old, I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out in Dr. Steinfeld’s office. I loved Dr. Steinfeld, because he was the same height I was. That man was so short, the nurse had to lift him up to […]

In My Day…We Had Party Lines | Lynn Ruth Miller

[powerpress] In my day, everyone shared their telephone line with their neighbor. When I was small, my momma would say to me, “if you ever need help, call the operator and stop complaining!” When the kid next door spit at me, I called the operator […]

In My Day…My Mother Said Baking Soda Did Everything | Lynn Ruth Miller

[powerpress] In my day my mother said baking soda did everything. She sprinkled it all over the bathroom because she said it absorbed odors. I guess it worked because our toilet seat was so gritty I always went next door. Whenever I took a bath, […]

In My Day…Grandma’s Used Almonds for Everything | Lynn Ruth Miller

[powerpress] You know, my grandma didn’t believe in drugs. She believed in nuts. She used almonds for everything. She would slip them into everything she fed us just to be sure they did their job. We found them in salads, desserts, candy, and even our […]

In My Day…Safety Was YOUR responsibility | Lynn Ruth Miller

[powerpress] In my day, safety was your responsibility. We didn’t have laws to take care of us. No seat belts or warning beeps. Either you held on, or you went through the windshield. But that was easier too, because we didn’t have double-paned glass. When […]