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In My Day…Safety Was YOUR responsibility | Lynn Ruth Miller

Lynn Ruth Miller


In my day, safety was your responsibility. We didn’t have laws to take care of us. No seat belts or warning beeps. Either you held on, or you went through the windshield. But that was easier too, because we didn’t have double-paned glass.

When I was a kid, I could jump on my bike without worrying about helmets or shin guards. If I fell off, mama put an ice pack on my head and told me to stop complaining.

We didn’t bother with little lights on our shoes either, when we walked around at night. If someone jumped out of the bushes you just nodded and looked the other way because he was probably going to the bathroom. It was always a he. Trust me on that one.

I never thought of using mace or pepper spray to protect us. If someone scared us, we screamed and there was always a neighbor with a loaded gun. In my day, neighbors really did take care of each other. We used to give strangers at the bus stop rides and sometimes we even invited them over for dinner. But they had to eat what we gave ’em. One guy said he was a vegan and my mother put on a mask. We didn’t know what vegan meant. It sounded like an STD. We trusted people even when they complained. I guess you had to be there.

But nowadays I dont leave my house without my lipstick, my Lipitor and my Taser.

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