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Author: Lynn Ruth Miller

In My Day…We Used Honey for Everything

In my day, honey was the most used product in my mothers medicine cabinet besides vinegar and the rectal thermometer. If I had muscle cramps, she made me take two teaspoons of honey with my meals and told me to stop complaining. If I had a […]

Blackberry Brandy

In My Day: Blackberry Brandy | Lynn Ruth Miller

In my day no matter what ailed me, my father fixed it up with blackberry brandy. If I ate too much for dinner, and I swore I would explode, Daddy would give me a hefty shot of blackberry brandy. If  I suffered from the trots, […]

In My Day…We Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ated the Positive | Lynn Ruth Miller

In my day we didn’t spend a lot of money on medications to cure depression. We didn’t have Zoloft or Paxil. If we complained my mom pushed us outside and told us to get back on the horse. What she meant was, get over it. […]

In My Day… Grandma Used Almonds for Everything

You know, my grandma didn’t believe in drugs. She believed in nuts. She used almonds for everything. She would slip them into everything she fed us just to be sure they did their job. We found them in salads, desserts, candy, and even our underwear. […]

In My Day We Didn’t Go to Google for Answers | Lynn Ruth Miller

In my day, we didn’t go to Google for answers, we asked our mother and she always knew the answer. Even if she didn’t. If I wanted to know how to get to  Norma Odeski’s house, my mother would say “Ya walk.” I would say […]

In My Day Food Remedied Everything | Lynn Ruth Miller

My mother believed in food. It was her remedy for everything that bothered us. If I was constipated, she’d say, “Stop complaining and eat prunes. I don’t care what color they coat your tongue, they clean you out.” If I had a fever, she never […]

In My Day…Hot Water Bottles | Lynn Ruth Miller

In my day, we didn’t waste our money on electric blankets or heating pads, no sir. We used the hot water bottle for everything. My momma filled it with boiling water and wrapped it in a towel to put in the bed before she gave […]

In My Day…My Mother Used Vinegar for Everything | Lynn Ruth Miller

When I was a kid, my mother used vinegar for everything. If I got a bee sting she rubbed vinegar on it and if the kid next door bit me, she poured vingear on him and called his mother. There didn’t seem to be anything […]