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Lynn Ruth Miller, Staying Young, Safe Lift Bill, Fetus Fingernails.

This week on Nurse Talk: Lynn Ruth Miller What’s it like to be a stand up comedian traveling the world? Oh..did we mention…an 80 year old stand up comedian traveling the world? Our resident comedian, Lynn Ruth Miller, is with us to talk about what keeps […]

Hospital Corps & the ACA, a Learning Moment, and Get a Horse.

A look at the concerns about The Affordable Care Act from those who work for hospital corps. This week Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for California Nurses Association,  joins us to talk about why he thinks the Affordable Care Act is “Bad Medicine” for nurses. […]

What Would Florence Think?, $11.2 Billion Surprise, ACA and Mental Health Coverage.

Nursing Without Borders This week we take on a controversial issue, and in doing so we learn ALOT (as if that never happens!). Healthcare Journalist Heather Boerner joins us to talk about an article she recently wrote for National Nurses United Magazine. The article, “Nursing Without Borders,” provides an […]

Best Of Show: Babies, Victory, Asthma, Acid Reflux, and Obamacare.

The Royal Baby and Dixon Has Two Moms… Well, Casey and Shayne are no different than the millions of others who were, well, mildly interested in the birth of the Royal Baby. It’s old news now, but Shayne couldn’t help but wonder how it feels […]