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Lynn Ruth Miller, Staying Young, Safe Lift Bill, Fetus Fingernails.

This week on Nurse Talk: Lynn Ruth Miller

What’s it like to be a stand up comedian traveling the world? Oh..did we mention…an 80 year old stand up comedian traveling the world? Our resident comedian, Lynn Ruth Miller, is with us to talk about what keeps her young at her ripe age and how laughter saved her life.


Safe Lift Bill
We’ll also visit with Marti Smith, RN Government Relations Lead for the California Nurses Association. Marti will talk about why hospitals are not complying with California’s Safe Lift Bill (AB 1136) passed in January of 2012. Is this something we non-medical people should be concerned about? YES! Trust us when we say you do not want to be dropped on your next hospital visit! Is this possible? Yes, indeed, so stick around and find out why you should know about your neighborhood hospital’s “safe lift” policy.


And the usual

Health Trivia: Does anyone out there know when and why fetuses develop fingernails? We do, and you’ll find out when you listen. Note: If you don’t have time to listen to the broadcasts just visit our website for all of the shows and features since the beginning of time.

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