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Your Life is a Work of Art | Hal Isen Segment | Show 442

Hal Isen
Hal Isen, MFA, CHT

How would you like to experience life as an ongoing, creative, unfolding “work of art? It is with great pleasure we introduce Hal Isen. For over 40 years, Hal has been providing programs, courses and life coaching for individuals, groups and organizations in the areas of personal transformation.

Hal’s Core Wisdom® programs (offered through Hal Isen & Associates) provide fundamental spiritual principles and practices that allow for the release of past limiting conditioning, fears, behaviors, and beliefs, and the discovery and recovery of one’s ability to respond naturally and creatively to each moment from one’s true nature.

AND…if this all seems like a paragraph of “pretty words”…well, listen to the show as Hal simplifies it all. Listen and we promise you will get some great insight. Ever thought of what “expectations” might be taking away from being present to the moment? Check it out. Hal Isen and Core Wisdom at

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