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You Have to Hear it Again: Rewind Worst Practices by Hospital Administrators | Best of Nurse Talk | Show 313

Coming Up…a rewind and an update from Boston about how things are going at two hospitals we featured (Tufts and St. Vincents) as the poster children for worst practices by hospital administrators. AND a moving and inspirational story told by Linda and Tony Cole. When the Cole’s son Anthony was 12 years-old he suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the school playground. It took paramedics 13 tries to bring Anthony back. Now 23, he lives with a brain injury and Tony and Linda have written a book about their remarkable journey.

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This week hundreds of nurses and allies marched on Wall Street as part of the Main Street Contract for America. Their demands are simple…tax Wall Street transactions 1/2 cent per transaction. That’s it! Let’s all pay our fair share. More next week.

On with the show: Casey and Dan open the by announcing the 2011 uninsured death tolls for California and the U.S… Do read more about this on our blog.

AND in an attempt to share more medical knowledge with their listeners—Casey decides they should read from the Physicians Desk Reference…you know…like the Republicans read the Constitution the first day of the congressional session.Later in the show, our nurses visit with Massachusetts RN Barbara Tiller. Barbara works at Tufts Medical Center and is chair of the Massachusetts Nurses Association‘s local bargaining unit. Barbara will share with us some disturbing facts about two hospitals in her area, (Tufts and St. Vincents) notorious for worst practices by hospital administrators to cut costs and boost profits by failing to provide appropriate nurse staffing. There have been over 800 unsafe staffing reports filed against one hospital alone.

A moving story by Linda and Tony Cole

And an inspiring conversation with Linda and Tony Cole who have written a book called Resurrecting Anthony: A True Story of Courage & Destination. They wrote the book about their son Anthony. When Anthony was 12 years old he was at school and out for recess when he said to a friend, “I have no pulse” and then collapsed on the playground. It took paramedics 13 tries to bring him back to life. Now 23, Anthony lives with a brain injury and Tony and Linda have written about it. You won’t want to miss the remarkable story of courage.

And of course the same old craziness from our hosts, Square Needle, Phobia of the Week and lots in between.

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