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We’ll Say it Again: Its About the RN-to-Patient Ratio and Stopping Child Abuse Never Goes Out of Style

Please enjoy this Best of…as Casey and Dan, the nurses usually on duty, celebrate spring break in Mexico with all the college students!

Not really, but we thought it was a good visual. Join us next week for all new shows!

On the Show This Week

Nurses keep up the fight for RN to patient ratios…and we should all be very glad they do! We check in with our friends in Massachusetts who are working on safe staffing legislation. Casey and Dan visit with RN and president of the Massachusetts Nurses Association, Donna Kelly Williams.

Donna discusses how critically important nurse staffing legislation has become especially with the increase of for-profit hospitals. It’s “deplorable and patients are at greater risk every single day,” says Williams.

“When for profits are looking to increase profits they look for cuts in front line nurses at bedside…It doesn’t make sense for anyone with any sense of morality at all.”

Based on scientific studies, the MNA advocates for a ratio 4-5 patients per nurse on medical surgical units. Donna also talks about the MNA’s endorsement of U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who supports safe staffing ratios on a national level.

Marin Advocates for Children

Stopping Child Abuse: Expert says compassion is key.Have you ever witnessed a parent or guardian verbally or physically abuse
a child in a public setting? Did you walk away because you didn’t know what to do…or did you intervene? Find out what our expert has to say about what you should do. Cyndy Doherty, executive director of Marin Advocates for Children joins Casey and Dan to talk about what her organization is doing to help stop this epidemic. You won’t want to miss her advice and insights.

Author Joyce Hoffman
Author Joyce Hoffman

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At age 61 Joyce Hoffman was a  sr. technical trainer at one of Philadelphia’s largest law firms. One morning she woke up the victim of a stroke. Follow Joyce’s, Tales of a Stroke Patient, a new weekly column on the blog about coming to terms with being disabled and overcoming the obstacles. This week Joyce discusses the intersection of depression and stroke in Gruesome Depression, Did I or Didn’t I? Do I or Don’t I?. If you can’t wait for more, you can visit her site too.

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