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WALL Street. ASSISTED LIVING The Musical. SURVIVING Cancer. SLEEPING With Mites | Show 414

COMING UP…Yikes…Dan is away so comedian Lynn Ruth Miller sits in with nurse Casey and from there…we’re not sure what happens!

These days it seems like everything can be a musical, Menopause The Musical, Rocker Chics The Musical, Book Of Morman The Musical, Foreclosure The Musical. Well look out because here comes Assisted Living The Musical. That’s right and we talk to the creators of the show Rick Compton and Betsy Bennett. Assisted Living is the show that asks the question…the question…what was the question? Rick and Betsy opened the show this week in San Francisco. Check it out at

Why are nurses marching on Wall Street? Isn’t that a bit far from a hospital?

Casey talks with our friend RN and human rights activist DeAnn McEwen. DeAnn just returned (to her home in Southern California) from a trip to NYC where she was joined by hundreds of other nurses and others in a rally on Wall Street. The message was simple, Wall Street—pay your fair share! It’s not radical…it is a simple 1/2 penny transaction tax. That alone would raise an estimated 38 billion dollars….that’s with a B!

And later in the show we visit with Wayne Cooke. Wayne has written a book called On The Far Side Of The Curve. Wayne is eight years away from his diagnosis and just returned from a trip to Hong Kong to see his new grandson. It’s good to be alive! Listen while Wayne gives a very down to earth account of his journey.

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