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Ratio Fight in Vegas, Volunteerism, Main Street and More

Coming up on the Show…What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas...A volunteer extraordinaire visits the studio… What’s happening to our Main Streets?…An anonymous email question leads the nurses to believe they may have a celebrity on the other end of the cyber-line.

Casey and Dan talk with RN Lisa Myers from St. Rose Hospital in Las Vegas. Lisa and thousands of fellow nurses have gone through a protracted negotiation process with their hospitals since the nurses voted unanimously to join National Nurse United over 15 months ago. Although Lisa’s hospital has settled their new contract some of the others have not. At issue? Safe nurse-to-patient ratios. Studies prove that having fewer patients during shifts saves lives. Listen to our discussion…One of those patients may one day be you!

RN, BSN Susan Dean
RN, BSN Susan Dean

And Kaiser RN, BSN Susan Dean joins us in the studio. Susan is not only an amazing nurse but she is an extraordinary volunteer. For the past seven years she’s gone to Guatemala with a team of doctors and nurses from around the U.S. with the organization Faith in Practice ( During a week’s time the team performed over 80 lifesaving medical procedures. Susan is also a volunteer with Operation Access, an organization that provides medical care to the uninsured right here at home in the San Francisco Bay Area (


And stick around for an anonymous email question from someone who doesn’t like the show but has nowhere else to turn for medical advice!

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