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The Real McCoys, American Idol, Dad, Angels and Dogs, Boston and Sore Feet | Show 410

What do The Real McCoys, American Idol, Dad, Angels and Dogs, Boston and sore feet have to do with one another? Not much…but this week on Nurse Talk…you’ll hear a little about them all.

Casey and Dan check in with Boston RN and president of Massachusetts Nurses Association, Donna Kelly-Williams. Every week we take a look at what is happening in health care all around our country and if you have listened to the news and/or—our show—you may have come to the conclusion that things are spinning out of control a bit. Donna will share with us about some very important issues in her state including cutbacks in services and hospital staffing, nurses benefits being reduced, and in some cases eliminated, and retaliation for nurses organizing in support of patient safety and care.

And first time author, longtime nurse, Maggie Hogan joins Casey and Dan to talk about her inspiring new book called Dad, Angels and Dogs. After being a nurse for 32 years Maggie was called to service by a request of her mother’s before she died. “Maggie please promise me you will take care of your father after I’m gone.” Well…Maggie kept that promise and took care of her father until his death. Through her journey she met and depended on the love and kindness of many…including angels and dogs. Yes, we said angels and dogs. Her poignant and down to earth story is an inspiration to all.

Coming up…continuing discussions about single payer health care, a new look at hospitals that are contracting with prisons to take care of inmates (there’s an interesting twist to this story), a conversation about unions from a “different” point of view. That’s right—we’ll be talking with a few nurses who are opposed to organizing and unions. They have their reasons and we thought it would be valuable to listen to what they have to say. And—get this—remodeling your kitchen to have better kitchen sex? I do not kid! I would never make that up! This summer we’ll talk to the authors of a new book about ways to improve your sex life…and the kitchen, my good friends, is one of them!

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